RUNfit: digital video running assessments


Rehabilitate, Minimize injury risk or Maximize performance

  RUNfit is a comprehensive running assessment system. It uses video treadmill, digital and clinical assessment tools to support injury prevention, rehabilitation and performance development for runners of all levels.


Running well and pain free does not always come naturally

  Running injuries are common and take a variety of forms. Up to 79.3% of runners report to have been affected by injury, with the knee accounting for 50% of injuries. Factors contributing to running injuries vary greatly and are rarely self-evident, which is why a comprehensive approach to assessing individual risk is recommended. RUNfit provides a unique solution that includes a multifaceted approach to gait assessment, injury risk profiling and performance optimisation. 


A comprehensive assessment of your running and how your technique, strength, mobility and control impact recovery, prevention and performance.


  • A detailed survey of your health, history, exercise and activation levels, running-specific status and goals.
  • Functional clinical assessment involving a series of tests of your foot type, alignment, biomechanics, strength, agility, mobility and balance.
  • Treadmill video assessment using high-resolution and ultra-high frame rate. Imaging enables detailed assessment of your running gait pattern.
  • High definition visual feedback in real-time from multiple angles while you run.
  • Biometric assessment of key elements of the running or walking cycle using video stills.
  • Detailed data report in a highly readable format.
  • Recommendations for actions to address issues.


Assessment format and fees

Following the online questionnaire, completed in the clinic or at home,  a RUNfit assessment includes 2 attendances at our clinic in Busselton. The first is a 60 minute session and the second session is 20 to 40 minutes.


The all inclusive cost for the online assessment, two clinical consultations and report involved in the RUNfit assessment is $285 including GST. Private health or other rebates may apply.




The foot and ankle play an integral role in gait analysis. Undesirable foot and ankle mechanics pose more than just a risk in isolation but are often implicated in other common sites of injury, particularly the knee. A RUNfit assessment includes a thorough analysis of foot mechanics and structure. RUNfit assesses gait with and without orthotics in situ where a client already has orthotics. Where podiatry referral is required, the assessment data can be used in helping create an optimal insole or other orthotic device.


What to bring to your assessment


  Please wear your usual running clothing and footwear (if new footwear, please also bring a worn pair of running shoes to be assessed). Also bring a water bottle and any orthotics or insoles you use for your running shoes.


Booking an assessment or seeking more information


 Call our reception today on (08)97524174  for more information or to book a RUNfit assessment.